Our garden, which takes place in Beykoz and Şile forests in Polonezköy area, started at the beginning of your home in the summer of 2014 with the motto of simplicity and elegance. Decorated with the perfect harmony of white and green, the glorious bunch of willows were found, away from the driveway, surrounded by high and magnificent trees Mio Giardino made your invitations special for you.

Why US?

Mio Giardino, which makes a difference in your invitation with its special wooden runway and indoor stage, our experienced team and distinguished menus, is among the outdoor invitation brands of Istanbul – Anatolian Side.

What We Do?

In addition to wedding organizations, corporate invitations such as engagement, henna night, daytime wedding ceremonies, circumcision weddings, picnics and corporate dinners are also held.

Seating for 1000 people
Free valet service
1300 m2 parking area
Remarkable landscape
Large stage with special lighting and sound system created for your invitations
Wooden Deck Dance Floor
Independent wedding space with special podium and gazebo
White Fences, White Entrance Jewelry, White Wooden Vintage Door Photo Corner
Welcome cocktail area at the entrance
Indoor after party venue: Retro House
Bride – Groom Room (Air conditioner, large washbasin, full length mirror)
Experienced executive staff, private wedding consultant, kitchen and service team,
Expert solution partners (DJ, Photographer, Organization-Decoration)